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Transparent Island

poetic space (wood, polyetylen, soil, oil, video)2016

I built my work from the motifs of nature comparing natural materials to the produced ones, making them reconcile in their common origin. The plastic beings made of polyethylene membranes are flocking around the small oil lakes. The animated bones sublimate in the bonfire through the bridge of the projection screen. The twin-spiral eggshell shape is also the source of origin, change and transformation. My texts help to set the atmosphere of the installation as a poetic space. Poem and form are souls of one an other. They work together as mutually controlling media, their common essence is the meta-language. During the process of creating the installation, I was inspired by my studies on preverbal developmental periods. Non-verbal communication is the earliest stage, through which I connect to the mythical layer, the world of archetypes.

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