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in collaboration with Szabina Péter videoinstallation, Artcolony Cered, 2019, Cered, Hungary

Freund Éva – Péter Szabina: Washing  full video (16’ 12’’)

We made this videoinstallation at the 2019 Cered International Contemporary Art Colony, whose topic this year was Anzix (‘postcard’). We attempted to do an audiovisual wash-out of antagonisms that have a major impact on the life and cultural millieu of the village and its residents – such as conscious and unconscious, collective and individual, me and you, woman and man, saint and taboo, good and evil, birth and death.


The installation was set up in a local house’s laundry room, where we hung linen and embroidery. We projected the video on a wide, white bed-sheet. The washing-machine was constantly in operation – its permanent, yet various type of humming served as a transient organizing element of the visual and acoustic atmosphere. The shots of text-fragments – found mostly in magazines from the XXth century – and photos – which are from unknown inheritances – appearing in the video were made in the archive of a local antiquary. The whole video-material and the vast majority of the audio-material were recorded in the village or its surroundings. The source of the other sounds is:

Attention! The programming of the washing machine may vary individually! Please find its user’s manual!

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it over time!

You fill in the washing agent. It is usually shown by pictograms.
You fill in the bleaching liquid as well. You close the door of the machine. You  choose the program then.
The machine usually indicates what program the changing of the program switch results in.
You don’t need to worry by picking a mixed program at 40 degree Celsius. Just start it. Then wait until it is done!
You can not open its door right after a tumble dryer program, you need to wait for the compensation of the pressure. After that, you take out your clothes and hang them to dry. If you hang them neat, it is easier.  

Thanks to: Bodnár W. Dávid, Ladóczki Vilmos, Czene Árpádné (Katika néni) és Czene Árpád, Mikusné Simon Éva, Mikus Tamás, Bodnár János Kristóf

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