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Water cluster,design plan, 2017


We participated with Barnabás Wölfinger, glass artist in the Vasarely competition in 2017 where the topic was "Water". 

We planned to use one of Barnabás's design, a mirroring glass object that has all its sides embossed with reflective glass. Laminated texts between the glass sheets could be read inside the mirroring glass and as a cast shadow on the ground as well.


In our work, the different states of the water's structure are interpreted as spatial forms. We were working with that intermediate state when the water began to change, from a loose structural unit that begins to form in the liquid state of the water, to a more orderly one, for example ice or ionised water. Our water molecule, which represents the process between the two status, in a transferred sense could mean a survival strategy, a reaction of the mind to the acceleration of time: finding of timelessness in motion.

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