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installation (animal bones, text, video), 2017

The theme of my installation for the Old School exhibition M21 Gallery in Pécs was based upon my ambivalent relation to the archaic consciousness. In this work, I approached the archaic, magical dimension from multiple directions. On one hand the foreshadowing of the infiltrated mind contents (as these contents are trying to slip through, but always remain on the threshold) is the theme of the video, on the other hand, our most demanding structures that live in us (text, bones). All of this eventually appeared as a syzygy in the space reflected by the two opposite partition walls where I designed the work.

The installation "Beginnings" (2017) by Éva FREUND puts the the upstream world of archaic consciousness in parallel with the cognitive experience of the creative process. Namely with the experience as we encounter again and again the automatic or deliberate recalling of structures that define us, our future cognition. Such structures can mean the limits of language or social roles.

The work in its visual solutions shows both the necessity and the impossibility of the endeavour. The installation makes imagery and textual elements collide accordingly. Such as incorporating the shroud into the video that refers to peaking behind the Māyā veil. The work, using the tools of shadow play keeps the spectator in the realm bordering readable and unreadable, decipherable and undecipherable. It makes us confront that elementary, conjectural form of knowledge that is our common experience in the primal level of cognition, scanning the world around us without any conceptual clues./Julia Salamon, curator/

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