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“Crossing Paths” (9' 54" ) is an experimental short film shot during a poetic, associative tracking in the
Lappish environment, from Rovaniemi to Utsjoki. It reflects on the local territorial and ecological issues of “paths” or “ways,” such as the Arctic Railway Plan, without attempting to be comprehensive. The film conveys metaphoric meanings of crossing roads and paths with an allusion to the dichotomic relation between the urban and natural environment, which could be seen as an analogy to the civilized and wild aspects of human nature as the struggling components of the self. How could a journey to the North offer a solution?

The film’s structure is based on Felix Guattari's theory of the Three Ecologies, therefore it consists of three parts which make up the whole. The first part refers to subjectivity, the second to social relations and the third one to the environmental (natural) layer.

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