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Space Taming– collaboration with Eva Bubla

environment, XII Symposion of Lake Velence, 2018, Hungary

Installation Space-taming aims to reveal the intemperate wilderness in a human scale. The shelter built from local materials (mud, branches, nettle) is able to approach and connect to the untamed and stingy environment and at the same time accept and internalize the protective and healing qualities of this wilderness. This mechanism also applies to our own nature and serves as an analogy in understanding the mind as an ecosystem. In collaboration with butoh dance performer Dániel Gyöngy, a related performance guided the audience of the Velence Lake Symposion XII to experience and literally taste the qualities explored in the work: visitors were invited to have a sip from the nettle tea cultivated by space-taming practices. The video is a documentation of the performance, edited by Eva Freund based on the raw material of hand camera and the sound work of Etele Simonfi..

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Photos: Eva Bubla.

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