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Weed Culture – collaboration with Varga Dóra

ÉRTEM art residency and symposium, Gömörszőlős, Hungary, 2018


In our installation, through the allegory of weeding, we reflect further on our intention of cleansing: the "weeded out" contents never disapear completely, but they get reorganized into a new web of connections.In a 2m2 square we place 4x7x7=196 plants in a way as they were planted upside down. In a broader context our work is about the connection between the permaculture gardening and human mind. It warns us to re-evaluate our relationship to the seemingly infesting elements. As the pioneer spieces, the weeds appear first. If we dig up the ground, they put the soil into the right condition for the production.

Freund Éva és Varga Dóra (2).JPG
Freund Éva és Varga Dóra (4).JPG

photos: Eva Bubla

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